i maybe blonde but …. still like my cake and eat it

….. another blog from yesteryear, August 2009

…….. I just could resist telling you about my very funny and naughty moment from this afternoon….. A little tete a tete was arranged for today and was very excited when my visitor was accompanied by a tub of strawberries and a canister of squirty cream!

Apparently, it was his Birthday….. Wish I had known as a Marilyn Munroe moment sprung to mind! Although my singing skills are not in the same league

So…. at an appropriate interlude when sustenance was required the said fruit was placed on top of a layer of cream and precariously balanced on my ample bosom with my nipple poking through! I have to say it was the most ingenious birthday cake I have seen, although, alas no candles to blow out x

But still Happy Birthday was sung all the way through and a piece of the ‘cake’ was nibbled away with slow tantalising licks and sucks 😉

Now this gives new meaning to the phrase “have your cake and eat it “

Until next time ………..

“I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” (

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