I maybe blonde but …. waterproof cameras are the way to go

… another throwback blog from yesteryear ….¬†you can tell its a while ago as only had 1000 pics on my AW site


With now 1000 photos in my private gallery, you can imagine my camera is very tired however still working very well considering the amount of use (giggle giggle)

although now the shutter is permanently open, thinking this is not a good thing I decided to call into a well know high street electrical retailer to ask about the possibilities of fixing this.

So entered the store and headed for the camera section, a mature gentleman asked if he could help, so after explaining the issues in a girlie non technical way he then examined said camera, made thinking noises including tutting, air intakes and shaking off head (just like the rip off plumber you get on call out on a Sunday afternoon who then proceeds to rip you off for 100s of pounds) anyway after what seemed an eternally long time and silence he finally spoke……….

Liquid he said its wet inside! OMG! There were so many answers for what was about to come pouring out of my mouth, but all I actually said was, can’t think why and then blushed a thousand blushes. He concluded it wasn’t worth fixing and I left the store very quickly

The moral of the story is, and note to one’s self is if you’re going to squirt and gush make sure said camera is waterproof or covered over with a clear bag lol

…….. And just for your interest, I purchased two new cameras; a Nikon, it takes great photos/excellent movies and a waterproof one for all those watery moments !!

Until the next time…………..

The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. ~Gloria Leonard

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