I maybe blonde but …. getting paid to play with toys, sounds excellent to me

…and following on from sex toy parties


scrolling through news bulletins and other related tabs on google i came across an job advert for an online adult toy store

I don’t recall an official title however the job description went something like this

Job detail

* part time, flexible hours, hands on & broad minded

* to have creative writing skills, capturing the buyers imagination with a witty repartee
* write detailed honest online reviews of toys
* to upload review videos with toy in hand, one assumes they meant to discuss only & holding toy in hand, with clothes on !
* to reply to review comments in a constructive manner

Type of person

* Outgoing, jolly, sense of humour
* honest, tells it how it is and the pro’s & con’s of each item

So, sat on a long train journey I decided to apply and fill the online form in, here is what I wrote

‘I wish to apply for the position advertised – Adult online female toy reviewer & tester

whilst I appreciate you may have a particular type of person in mind, may I take this opportunity to see if your company is prepared to think ‘outside of the proverbial box’
… and pardon my use of the word ‘box’ it was not intended as a pun !

Let me be frank with you, if I may, I work in the adult industry and wear 2 ‘hats’ so to speak… firstly as an female mature escort and also provide webcam shows … both using sex toys, on & in me & sometimes on a gent
so I can say with certainly I have had ‘hands on’ experience

Maybe I could send a sample video of me reviewing my recent toy purchase, I would imagine around the 1 minute time … as wouldn’t want to peek too early or get to the point to prematurely but keeping the interest of the potential buyer on the edge, of their seat is paramount & interested enough to press the buy now button

Thank you for taking the time
to read my somewhat unusual application …. here’s crossing my fingers/toes and anything else that you reply

Update …. so far not had a response but then maybe it’s all too soon for escorts to be seen as professional business people …. I think it’s coming, so to speak but then all good things come to those who wait

Until the next time

Keep calm and use sex toys

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