I maybe blonde but ….can blush real good

a funny incident happened at my South Doncaster private apartment last week …
So up early getting ready for a meet and could hear some music at a distance … I checked my phones, the radio but no sounds and was by front door and realised it was coming from the corridor
On unlocking and opening the door I see big sheets covering the carpet, paint tins and areas of walls covered with masking tape and radio 1 blaring out

Just then spotted Mr decorator

‘Ah ‘ I said ‘what a surprise, here all day ?’

‘all week got 3 floors to do love’ he said

‘Oh ok, thanks’

hmmm this could be fun I thought, as got a couple of meets today

So the morning progressed with calls/confirmations and webcam shows all to sounds of an eclectic mix of music
my first gent text to say he would be on time, I replied and added

‘Just to update you I only found out this morning the painters are in, but we can still go ahead, look forward to seeing you’
after pressing send within a minute I got a reply

‘Oh I see, that’s unfortunate, is it tricky to get around & can we just do what we did before ?’ he said

‘ yes …of course, the time is yours and can do whatever pushes your buttons – and for it being tricky with the painters in, it’s just a question of being with purpose, no need to interact with them, after all they don’t know what who or why your visiting’

a very speedy reply

‘Oh my Anna … think we have been at cross purposes for the last few texts …. I thought when you said the ‘painters are in’ it was a euphemism for time of the month, to be fair it did surprise me as your 51 but then just realised you actually meant the decorators are in the building’

I wish you could have seen my face when I read this last text … how embarrassingly funny

…. the only artistic licence going on in my apartment would be my efforts at a sexy striptease … (and too see that particular movie you can peak at my naughty videos on my many sites)

Until the next time
All art is erotic
(Gustav Klimt)

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