I maybe blonde but … not on a free dating site

before you think it’s just another winge about stolen pics … it’s not 🙂

I recently had enquiries from gents saying they had written to me on a site they had seen my photos on and I had not replied ?
hmmm that’s definitely not like me unless it’s a crewd/rude reply, and your asking for things I don’t offer

I asked which site, and they both said POF…. hmmm … bemused face, wrinkled forehead and racking mental rolodex ( if you don’t know what one was your definitely too young)
I have come to realise a handful of new sites do ‘borrow’ my info & pics to boost there members, not saying I am that important or well known but over 50,000 followers on twitter must mean something, right ?

‘POF’ i replied
yes, one wrote, you know the free app Plenty of fish

plenty of fish ? really ?
(what I wanted to say is do look desperate but decided against it as they could be potential clients)

Oh that free dating site ? no that’s no me, I don’t advertise on those sites
i guess my photos have been used on a profile

I could feel the dejection in text

your not looking for a date then ?

hmmm I said ‘no, I charge by the hour’

I asked if he would screenshot the profile, he did

Looking for love
(with a selection of my recent profile pics plus a selfie from twitter where my husband had been chopped out !)
45, blonde 5ft 8, size 12, loves travel, dancing, rollercoaster rides, sushi & skiing
first date ? let’s go to a fondue restaurant and then take an open topped bus tour


Oh my, where do I start

1. complimented on the age
2. I’ve increased an inch in height
3. agree fully with first 2 likes
4. I would have to be comatose to go on a fairground ride, husband tried it twice … and just saying it didn’t end well
5. Sushi ? I don’t understand eating raw anything 🙁
6. Skiing ? oh where do I start …. wrapped up in enough padding to enter a sumo wrestling competition, get cold & wet & then drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol at ridiculous altitudes, attach massive boards to your feet and think you look cool … I could go on and on .. yes I have been twice and much preferred the apres ski sat in a hot tub with a glass of bubbly
7. …. but credit it where it’s due the first date option I would love … note to ones self to do with husband

I digress, back to the two disappointed gents and an update for
I scored a 50% hit, one booked me for a dinner date and guessing he enjoyed it as seen him twice since

the moral of the story is not everything is as it seems and if it seems to good to be true … it often is 🙂

I wrote to POF no reply, a client had a great idea, set a profile up, using some of the same pics and brand new ones, in the strap line write
‘Isn’t it great POF let me advertise as an escort’
in the about me section mention you do duos with the said ‘Tracy’
not forgetting to put your link to adultwork
….. within a day my profile and hers had been deleted ! result

until the next time

for women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time



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