I maybe blonde but ….. know how to light your spark !

Just had to tell you about a funny incident that happened when entertaining a gentleman one evening last week




Let me set the scene – we were having a naughty play on the bed, delightful chilled music on, lights on low, me in my ff stockings,
strappy very high heels and six strap garter belt

Enjoying lots of lovely breast play – nipples being sucked and licked, and me playing with a very well endowed cock – at the moment when my tongue is swirling around the bell end and my fingers gently squeezing the balls – there is a loud ‘plink’ noise and then plunged into darkness – the lights went out !

Can you imagine my dainty little stocking feet tipping across the bedroom banging into everything even though I know the layout – sliding on the wooden floor and crashing into the cupboard – fiddled with the mains box and then just like magic – Ta dah ! lights came back on

Came back in to see said gentleman happily playing away and we just carried on if nothing had happened

So you can never say I don’t give value for money – as gentleman got not only a blow job but a blow out as well

until the next time

“Sexy is a strange thing. I’m not sure it has to do with sex. Sexy has to do with not knowing whats coming next. It’s unpredictability.”
Christopher Walken

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