I maybe blonde but … love a fruity time !

Not just strawberries at Wimbledon!

Thought I would tell you about a naughty meet today with a delightful mature gent

Let me set the scene before arrival …

Bed all plumped, a couple of lamps on, window slightly open, chilled beach music playing, high speed fan at the ready for those hot sticky moments

Plus cold refreshments in the fridge, still/sparkling water, orange juice and my teapot at the ready for afternoon tea

And during the summer months an additional surprise of sliced strawberries to nibble as we play ….

When I say nibble, as we play that is exactly what the said gent did ….
rub then gently over my breasts and large pussy lips …. And lick lick lick … so when we kissed he had strawberry lips too !

So if you fancy a fruity time over the summer please do call

Until the next time

Women are like fruits ; everyone has it’s own unique colour, shape, aroma and taste

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