I maybe blonde but …. the writing is on the wall ?


Last time I was in Glasgow I met up with a lovely gent,

during the pre meet phone chat I asked the usual questions, and like to know for marketing purposes where you saw my advert, this gent couldn’t recall

So we had a lovely naughty sexy fun meet and having a drink he decided to tell me where he had seen my phone number

Me – so someone gave it to you ?
gent – not exactly
Me – saw it on social media ?
gent – well it was similar …
Me – now i’m puzzled

ready for this ?

gent – your number is written on a wall in a gents toilet in a pub in Glasgow

Well had heard somethings but that takes the piss, literally

apparently it says ….

Anna 07534405359
quality lady, worth the money



If you come across please take a pic

Until the next time

There’s no such thing as bad publicity

Oscar Wilde

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