I maybe blonde but …. Political correctness is a hot potato

Political correctness?

… it’s a hot potato, no offence to cold potatoes 

Here a few examples of PC gone ….. mad/crackers/crazy !!!! 

(oh crumbs, running out of suitable words) 

anyway ….. 

  1. Let’s start with the rudest sounding pudding, Spotted Dick, that tasty light sponge with dried fruit usually covered by smooth custard 
  • Has had a name change due to people feeling uncomfortable asking for this desert, it’s now called Spotted Richard …. (no offence to anyone named Richard)


  • 2) looking for new staff ? compiling an advert ? be careful you may upset someone!

a recruitment agency had there advert pulled for requesting ‘Reliable & hardworking people’ … apparently it could be offensive to unreliable peoples


  • 3) you don’t have to wait til the end to applause my wit & repartee, but could you do it quietly as not to ‘trigger anxiety’ on nervous people, jazz hands has been suggested but no tap dancing !


  • 4) finally … the most bizarre experience I had was at a trendy hipster coffee bar … I ordered my chai latte and then said and a black americano … the reply from the  server, staff member waiter … oh flipping heck … the person making the drinks. … said we like to say ‘non milk coffee’ 
  • really ?
  • seriously ? 
  • Maybe it’s safer to use hand signals in day to day communications ? 🖕

Until the next time 

Just because your offended, doesn’t mean your right 

Ricky Gervais 

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