I maybe blonde but …..let me tell you a story about bananas

I was reminded of a throwback story, pre what I do now !


The husband and I love adult clubs & bars …… swinging clubs, lap dancing & pole dancing places … we like the sexy atmosphere and vibe these places give off, we always have …. Bizarrely we never did the swooping pre escort days … we love exhibitionism … the husband playing with me and guys watching but knowing, there not going to touch


One evening we went to visit the Banana bar in central Amsterdam, find the atmosphere in these place can very highly charged and with music and s glass of wine gets you in a naughty mood !


The dancing girls were teasing a little sample of what a show involves, including the a projectile banana shot from … well I’m sure you can guess


We ordered drinks, and chatted to the girls

… they asked if we wanted a show and we said saving money for a club we’re going to the next night


We have been to The Paradise club many times, it’s a very upmarket adult club, with health spa facilities and a roof top garden for those hot nights


One girl asked us which club so we told her how an adult club works, entrance fees, what’s included and ‘swinger’ etiquette


She looked a little puzzled, then said

‘so you pay to get in and have sex fun with other people but don’t get paid’


‘Yes’ we said


She said ‘oh that’s disgusting, your not even charging for it’


So projectile bananas out your fanny is fine but not being paid for sexy play isn’t ? Hmmm …….


But she had a point and not long after ‘Courtesanannabel’ was created and 15 years later still going strong


Until the next time


The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less


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