I maybe blonde but …. i do get stuck for words often

Oh, the joys of ‘gents questions on webcam …

Very busy cam room last week and furiously typing away saying hello and greetings, welcome to everyone who pops in, so to speak, lol

Often I get asked not the most intelligent of questions…

Gent:- Hi there
Anna:- Welcome
Gent:- by the way what’s your name

confused look by me, but just couldn’t resist being a little sarcastic ..

Anna:- Hello – Enid here
pause no typing from gent …. then

Gent:- oh, what are you doing in Annabels room

rolled eyes and sighed lol

Another time on cam – busy room, early hours of the morning and you get asked those bizarre questions – that could be answered by the click of a button onto my profile

Anna:- welcome
Gent:- Hi there hows you
Anna:- fab thanks
Gent:- how old are you
Anna:- 82

pause and no reply can hear brain cells working

Gent:- you’re looking good for that

decided not to reply and carry on chatting to rest of gents in the room – stumped for what to say lol

Gents, just one click and you can read my profile and have all your questions answered – you know, like my name, age, location – its easy really 🙂

Photo attached …is me relaxing in yoga position before next bout of questions on cam lol

Until the next time …..

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”
Dr. Seuss

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