I maybe blonde but … keep calm & drink tea

How my Valentine’s Day changed my isolation time ?

It doesn’t sound like a Hollywood best seller but it’s my story and how change is good for us even if we think it isn’t

On February 14th 2020 my life changed ..  And one month later all our lives have changed for ever 

When I say my live changed … injuring my ankle wasn’t a life changing injury but the injury changed my life in many ways …

(Maybe before you read on do go back to previous blog on how I injured my ankle ..)

I did, take life for granted … I have been for the majority of my life relatively healthy … not with standing the student years of late nights/drinking competitions and many funny but now looking back

Highly irresponsible incidents !

To go from whizzing around on planes, trains and automobiles, lunches, dinners, holidays and adventures to … my whole day working out how to

Get from a to b within the confines of my beautiful light filled duplex apartment … and the biggest nemesis are stairs, do you hop, shuffle or sit on ones ass and do one step at a time … by 4 weeks in I had sussed taking the small rucksack everywhere with useful items like phone chargers etc, I had ordered groceries and toiletries without any issues on line, learned the art of being a flamingo whilst cooking, stool with cushion resting leg on it

And then just as I was making progress and to add insult to injury Corona virus hit the headlines not only had my leg been swept from under me again but now my means of getting food had as well … the whole world in less than 24 hours had booked every available grocery slot for months ahead

At this point I hate to say but social media saved

The day … particularly instagram, with local companies advertising deliveries of fruit/veg/deli/butchers etc and a little treat of home made soaps (I will add links at the end)

My 1st order was for fruit/veg and added staples in,

Milk, yoghurt, cheese and bacon

The 2nd was a deli/butchers order for a

Selection of meat

The last was a home made soap indulgence  

Ramsbottom soap co, a brightly coloured shower whip, a cherry big soap and foot shaped pumice

I sent off both orders with dates of 3 days time and

Heard nothing, on the 3rd day I left a message on the veg shop number … and mid afternoon got a call

To say delivered, then a short while later the meat

Order arrived … I am thinking this to be a Yorkshire thing that what’s promised is delivered and so far it has been

Now we are at the end of April with my ankle 90% better just with the occasional twinge when I have done too much and so ensures me to rest … I can honestly say I never watched so much TV, whether on my ipad or that big rectangle thing in the corner of the room with 100’s of choices but very little quality … unless your into interior design, cooking, or mindless repeats of series

The beautiful weather would usually make us spring into action but going into May with lockdown and social distancing, we are holding back still, the more sensible approach to getting us nearer to the light at the end of this very long tunnel

Until the next, and with VE Day 75 years to celebrate

Keep calm and drink tea

Links to sites

Roots & fruits – https://www.rootsandfruitsharrogate.co.uk/

Weetons – food hall, café, butchery & deli https://www.weetons.com/

Homemade soaps – http://www.ramsbottomsoapco.co.uk/