I maybe blonde but all it takes is a smile

I met a girl in the park … 

sounds like the start of a novel but it actually happened during lockdown and now we have become friendly acquaintances with a similar appetite for travel and adventures

let me explain … 

The restrictions on going out during lockdown was particularly hard for me as I love the outdoors, the sun, and walking … usually do around 30 kilometres and on a good week 40, it’s instead of the gym, it’s free, plenty of fresh air and great for thinking time 

This particular afternoon I had been my local deli’s pop up outdoor shop for a takeaway coffee and a ginger and rhubarb brownie, decided on the park for a walk … as I particularly like the Japanese garden with the tinkling brook, small bridges connecting winding paths and beautiful flowers but this day the benches were taken and so I carried on to area where there plenty of seating areas 

We shared a bench, passing the time of day moving onto travel stories, exciting locations, and living abroad tips

Like my self this lovely independent free spirited blonde is also moving from the UK to a European destination before the end of the year 

and … if our stars align and we can meet up then I am sure we can pick up where we last left off 

Sometimes it’s not about the deep meaningful long term friendships but the souls we meet and intertwine with on our journey through life 

For me just a smile and hello can go a long way in a new place 

Until the next time 

If you think adventure is dangerous try routine it’s lethal !