i maybe blonde but ….. never say no to a flash in a field


As you know I love outdoor photography and with the recent delightful sunny weather

took advantage of the heat and any opportunity to be in my lingerie on a blanket in the middle of a field or wood –

although it has to be said you know what the warm weather does to my libido?

So my photographer and I made our way to a woody area just out of Newark called Stapleford woods, what a lovely afternoon and a great location down a 1-mile lane for some naughty photos, a rustic 5 bar gate and the ubiquitous stile for those up skirt shots 😉

We hadn’t long started when said photographer mentioned a young man was walking down the lane towards us, he could see no dog and guess the guy was out for a stroll – oh were we so wrong!

Said gentleman approached us, quite sheepishly, and asked could he watch?

Have you seen or could you imagine me speechless?

For a few seconds yes I was which give my assistant plenty of time to interject with ‘Yes you can for £130’

The watcher replied with ‘in all my time I have been down here I have never paid’

Photographer swiftly replied with ‘I can imagine but then you have never had such a quality lady to watch’

Said gentleman then mumbled and shuffled off

After he had gone, we just looked and laughed and then produced some really good photos all for your benefit

……..just out of curiosity I did look up on Google to see about the Woods and surprise surprise it’s on many dogging sites … One thing I can guarantee you won’t be finding me down there again!  Well not with out a picnic and a blanket ……. oh think there is a song coming on there … something to do with a blanket on the ground

To see the photograph results please do take a look at my private gallery here on AW


Until the next time …….. Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences money can buy. – Steve Martin


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