I maybe blonde but … it’s a tall order


I recently stayed at a modern trendy hotel in central Amsterdam – I have lived and worked in the Netherlands, and found the locals friendly, open and you may think a somewhat obscure comment but in the main tall people – and found when purchasing items such as trousers & beds, not necessarily at the same time, they have a more extensive lengthier range … helps with my husband being 6ft 4



I thought being 5ft 7 I am on the taller than average size but obviously not for Amsterdam hotel room doors

….. a knock at the door, I headed across and expected to come eye to eye with a spy hole but instead saw wood, I looked lower and then glanced up and saw it positioned a good 8 inches above my head ? I did jump just to see if I could see through it but was no where near, although nearly knocked my self out as boobs hit my chin lol … then opened door … luckily no axe murderer only housekeeping with complimentary water & biscuits

So the question is who did they use to gauge the location of said spy hole ? obviously a tall Dutch person 🙂

Until the next time
If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?
T. S. Eliot



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