i maybe blonde but ….. my fur coat and no knickers story

….. will be adding some original blogs from yesteryear … starting from August 2009

Good Morning blog readers x


When it was suggested that I go out, accompanied by a young gentleman, just wearing my long coat, sexy lingerie, black lace top hold ups and high heels I have to say I was a little unsure, a tad nervous but very turned on by the thought 🙂 lucky for me it was a cool day with a breeze so I didn’t feel I would go unduly noticed 🙂

Sitting in the car with a long coat was quite cumbersome but trying to get out elegantly was quite a feat, and brought a smile to my chaperones face for the afternoon.

After a little walk around and smiling to myself knowing what I knew and nobody else did, was such a turn on….. it was then afternoon tea time and when asked for my coat I have to say I was speechless, yes even me, just for a second or two … could I be that mischievous and naughty or should I save the aged hearts and palpitations of the mature people sat in this wonderfully famous tea rooms in North Yorkshire, they say all publicity is good publicity but Anna – Bel sat eating scones with cream and jam just wearing black sexy lingerie may evoke some response from the management, but I couldn’t contain myself too much and did give an adorable looking gentleman sat opposite me a flash of my stocking top ….

Apologies to his wife, who was sat with her back to me, for the cost of the dry cleaning bill for his now tea stained trousers and tie lol

Until next time………

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It’s much sexier than any body part. (Aimee Mullins)

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