I maybe blonde but love a little dirty talk

With technology at our finger tips more so today than ever, we very rarely have nothing to do, especially if we have to sit and wait …

we may google bizarre questions, check our emails, take a few selfies, book a holiday

but you may do what a naughty gent did when his car broke down and he was waiting for recovery services ….

He paid for a naughty chat & had a wank !
… he even took a selfie sat at the side of the road with his cock in hand!

I said
‘hope you have joined a road side recovery company ?’

he said
‘I have member(ship) and it’s members only lol
… you see what he did there ? member (term for cock) ship … ! 😜

I was going to set a competition for the most bizarre place to have a naughty phonechat but think best not 🙁

Until the next time
Sex is more fun than cars but cars refuel quicker than men.
Germaine Greer

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