I maybe blonde but …not in the dark

Another funny incident happening recently …


This one occurred in a hotel toilets!

after a journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow, I was rather crossed legged by the time arrived at my hotel and before checking in whizzed off to the ladies leaving luggage with my duo lady Catherine

sped in the cubicle so quick, not even time to think of taking a video clip of my wee
Ohhh such a relief, I sat just contemplating as you do, ensuring didn’t need to go again when everything went black

the lights had gone out, guessing it wasn’t a practical joke and just a light timer set just a little too efficiently on approximately 4 mins!

so first off in the dark with panties and tights around ankles decided standing up wasn’t ideal at least until I could find the flashlight on my phone … not the easiest maneuver in the dark especially as the now new home button on my iPhone 7 Plus is almost flat against the screen

After fiddling for what seemed ages I located the bottom of the screen and it lit up enabling me to press flashlight!
finished getting dressed, unlocked the door

Yeah …. and then there was light 💡


Until next time

a light at the end of a tunnel is a train!

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