I maybe blonde but ….. would you guess what i do ?

Recently been on my Christmas and New Year adventure – this time another cruise,

As you can imagine there are fascinating groups of guests on a cruise, lots of Americans, Australians and few of us delightful English – different shapes, backgrounds, sizes … not of that really matters as amazingly most people get on – whether its during a trivia quiz game, afternoon tea and dance, a breakfast, in the gym, lazing around the pool or joining new friends for dinner in one of the many restaurants –

None more so than an American couple, he was quite unassuming however she wasn’t …. Well, let’s be a little polite ish …. A longer dress and a mirror wouldn’t go amiss in her cabin, oh err meow lol

This lady, I consequently found out was in her 50’s, obviously enjoyed herself and loved dressing up, which is great … now I am the first to wear little short revealing numbers on webcam and when meeting delightful gents, however time and place and more is less springs to mind – not a tiny stretch dress that left nothing to the imagination (These outfits were worn during breakfast, on shore excursions, evening dinner ….. can’t imagine what she had for the bedroom !!

People just love to gossip and no more than groups of American ladies, some Jewish …. Need I say more, speculating on the outfit of the day worn by the lady described?

Sat with back to these ladies one-afternoon drinking and having a nibble …. (A little cake for all you with dirty minds) the ladies conversation turned to this lady and the little dresses and one said

“Now it doesn’t take a genius to guess she charges by the hour!”

Oh, err …. Now is the time to keep quiet I thought, and shrunk into my chair, so pleased packed my long flowing dresses, Laura Ashley summer skirt and tops and a few maxis dressed for good measure
And keep the little flimsy see-through number just for the bedroom

Until the next time

The surest way to spot an escort is the one wearing a designer suit, lipstick and fuck me heels

Secret Diary of a call girl

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    Very good article. I will be going through a
    few of these issues as well..

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