I maybe blonde but …. loose talk, sinks ships or is that cocktails lol


just another throwback blog and photo from a few years ago 


An update to the Anna and the blow job blog

Recently visited the same restaurant when I was having another visit to York, although lots of naughty fun was had and met a delightful gentleman, will be back in March for more encounters

anyway …..the husband and I toddled off to the Mexican restaurant just around the corner, when I say toddled I mean it, tittering along on new high strappy heels, you know the ones with lots of sparkly bling on and usually the design just reserved for the bedroom or sitting at a bar and looking pretty lol ….. reminded me of Avaline, you know from the series bread,

I am sure you’re wanting to know what Anna wears when she is out socialising – not a jeans or trouser lady, much prefer a tailored suit, floaty summer dress or figure-hugging pencil skirt and fitted shirt to show these ample boobs off – no point in having them if not going to flaunt them, and anyway always helps in getting drinks at a bar

Accompanying my strappy heels that evening I was wearing some new copper-colored nylons, a six strap garter belt and a wrap around silk dress – so with one pull of the tied material belt, it could all come undone in a flash ! now there’s an image

So dinner finished and we sat relaxing and the next part of the conversation went so …..

Husband – did you enjoy that?
Anna – oh yes thanks, just a little spicy
Husband – would you like something that will cool your throat and slip down?

eyes lit up and a smile came across my face

Husband – would you like a liqueur?
Anna – oh yes, please
the waitress said to husband – may I a suggest a drink that’s very popular – how about a blow job

then went on to describe the shots and spirits in it

husband – count me in – and Anna will have one, she had one last time we were in york – and then when we got back to the hotel she had another

and then the blonde bimbo moment came …..

Anna – oh don’t you remember I had another blow job in the bedroom – the waiter gave it to me

!!!!! poor girl didn’t know where to look and scuttled off to get drinks

Moral of the story
too little lubrication can hinder talking, too much and anything can pop in or out, so to speak lol


until the next time

Why? It paid the rent. (after being asked why she had once posed nude for a calendar)

Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

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