I maybe blonde but … never got lost travelling

Taking a break !

…. No not like the ‘break’ Ross took on Friends (for those who can remember this fantastic sitcom)

Having a break from touring !

Really, I hear you say, but why ?

it easy that one ….
two main reasons

UK Public transport and secondly a little more personal

Let me explain …..

…. Just some stats on travel….

Read a report from
The World economic 2017 travel and tourism report

We are ranked 11th ! 11 ! Really, you hear me say … only 11th and there are countries worse than the appalling trains/planes & buses than the UK ?

15th Spain
14th Barbados
13th Bahrain
12th Austria

Fair enough, Barbados & Bahrain I can understand but Spain’s buses are in my experience pretty reliable … well when I say reliable, they are invariably late but and a big but in there defence they are consistently late to the same time … be easier to change the time table for all journeys by 15 mins …

Go on guess the top one ?

Hong Kong !!

Having lived and worked there (albeit 1996/97, I can tell you there MTR (metro) worked amazingly well, the infamous Star Ferry not so, but got you across the South China Sea in a crowded chaotic cheap sight seeing way

Anyway I digress …. Back to me taking a break

I have toured at hotels throughout the UK, Europe and occasionally worldwide, almost every month for the last 10 years, unfortunately no medals 🎖 for a decade of service !

Touring is a logistical juggling act …you throw a lot of balls up in the air and hope you catch them all …. This includes, and in no particular order …. Booking hotels a year in advance to get the best rate, train & planes at least 3 months, advertising/marketing, deposit taking and finally try to pack everything everyone will ask for ! And not even left home at this point

The naughty and nice meets are always so much fun and with charming gents …. The travel, not so much in the UK anymore

The personal reason ….
Like to spend a little more time at home in central London
Have rented our the apartment off and on over many years while we both lived and worked worldwide we decided last year to completely refurbish on a grand scale …. Definitely a Kirstie Allsopp wall bringing down moment … trending with a wet room for husband and a bathroom with shower and hand held spray for me …. (by the way a key to a happy and long relationship is two bathrooms)

So the touring break is looking like 6 months, but in the meantime you can book
meets at my private apartment at Stansted
Outcalls to central London hotels
Individual meets at a hotel for you
London airport meets
Book camshows & phonechats
Buy items from my wardrobe

So ….
it’s not goodbye on tours just au revoir
I’ll be back … (Arnie S)

Until the next time

….. I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it

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