I maybe blonde but…. definitely not a micro bikini girl

I placed an order recently from a high street store, bra & 2 pairs of panties

excited for delivery to arrive as thought the colour combination of peach & cream for pics/videos would be lovely 

On opening parcel I checked out the bra/panties and then just about to fold up the packaging when noticed another item 

A grey/white/yellow halter neck swimsuit ? 

hmmm now, even after a couple of glasses of wine still not sure this would be on my list to buy … i find halter neck ties tend to strangle me as they have to be tied so tight to take the weight of the boobs that its not comfortable 

I was curious so did try it on, true to form tied tight around my neck but …my word I can now imagine what a micro bikini could look like ! 

Couldn’t help myself and tried it on, a lot of jiggling and wiggling later, felt a little tight ! 

unfortunately it went back in the packaging to be returned

sometimes I have had great extra items arrive in deliveries … read out the stationary order instead of water ! 5000 rubber bands, re chargeable batteries and a whole role of ‘this parcel is fragile’ tape

Until the next time 

The sexist thing about a bikini is that it leaves something to the imagination, which is the best part 

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