I maybe blonde but … pressing delete is extremely therapeutic

Many years ago I worked for a huge American conglomerate,  living in amazing countries … Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam and Texas 

I worked very long hours, incorporating networking, business dinners and corporate days so my time off was extremely valuable 

after a 3 weeks off on a lovely cruise I came back to work full of energy to find over 2000 emails ! 

In a short space of time I calculated even if gave each mail a minutes time it would still take 80 hours to read them 

so in a moment of madness I pressed delete to all !

my theory was if any were urgent they would be back in touch !

I love an empty in box,

and got quite excited the afternoon prior to going off on holiday recently so I tweeted about it … and some rude gent replied with 

‘I’m sure your box is never empty for long’ ! 

what can a girl answer to that ? 

Until the next time 


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