I maybe blonde but …. i’m no bimbo

During my Christmas break at a lovely hotel there was the festive calendar of events including the infamous quiz, this was in 3 parts, the main being news of the year plus anagrams & logos 

The husband and I joined forces with a City gent and his French wife … could be fun ! if not educational 

The questions came thick & fast … 

where was the Trump/Kim Jong Un  Asian meeting ? 

Which politician made an error when saying the country his wife is from ?

Husband & City guy knew these, but always helpful to have a TV watcher on a team … a Strictly dancing question …. which comedian got caught in a kissing clinch ? and who are the new Top gear presenters ? 

…. this may sound sexist but amazed the guys didn’t know this lol 

The logo round was mainly on cars, also food related & internet … I was not much use as I don’t drive but there was a symbol I knew but have never been in

 … it was 4 orange circles, in a group of 4, will give you a clue it’s a take away bakery … bizarrely made more famous by one of the new top gear presenters ! 

but I did learn not just one thing, daily news is just that, you read it on the day then forget it, look at logos just in case your ever asked and 2 interestingly random facts 

Which is the healthiest place to live ?

Which is the unhealthiest to live ?

no clarification on how the survey was conducted, where and how many participants 

now that’s got you thinking ? 🤔

my immediate thoughts were South West, Wales or maybe an obscure like the Channel Islands to feel happy … but unhappy is harder ? 

Well you will be or not surprised 😱 

Edinburgh is the happiest ? 

Grimsby is the unhappiest 

Guess not much more to say … 

Until the next time … 

intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac 

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