I maybe blonde but …. do you know what a giggle line is ?

Anna and the stocking anecdote

Meet often socially with a mature young spring chicken who is an octogenarian ( well only just 81) – he does reminisce about his younger courting days, of being a navy gent. no doubt the proverbial girl in every port figured somewhere

He asked me if I knew what the top of a stocking was called,the edge where the suspender clips on – I said I didn’t

It’s called the giggle line he said

I smiled, he continued

When having a little smooch or getting a little cosy say on the sofa your hands may slide up the ladies skirt or dress along the shiny nylons – you were doing well if you got there without being slapped but to edge a little further up the thigh and slide your hand to the top – you knew then your were laughing

I asked how many times he got there, he said once !

Oh what happened I said with the lady
I married her, he said:)

Until the next time ….

Garter, n ; an elastic band intended to keep a woman from coming out of her stockings and desolating the country
ambrose Bierce American write, journalist and editor 1842 – 1914

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