I maybe blonde but … who’s making money ?

my wife, the escort

(written by the husband)

my wife is an escort, , call girl, prostitute, whore, lady of the night … call her what you like, the outcome is the same, she charges by the hour and she charges a lot 

one paragraph in and I bet your thinking many  questions

‘why do you let her’

‘how do you cope with it’

‘Does it not bother you she sleeps with other men’

hopefully I can answer these and many other questions, so please read on 

but first let me tell you a little about me 

my background is in security ; close protection mainly … I ensure people are kept safe, this involves a lot of travel, a lot of time away … I watch the client and I watch the watchers 

It sounds like a film or book plot ? trust me it isn’t

I spend a lot of time travelling, away from home, incognito, watching & waiting, 

I observe people, their habits, routines, mannerisms and body language 

ready to act at a moments notice, ideally nothing unusual happens … the client is looked after, moved from a to b, handed over successfully and without incident, then the next job starts 

I am a nightmare to live with (this is my view and Anna would not disagree)

I am OCD on organisation, packing and planning 

dislike pubs/bars … preferring quiet restaurants, discreet hotels and my own bed 

but saying all of this I am a very happy guy, love reading, films, studying and sex, oh yes …. sex is where it all started 

we love sex

we love exhibitionism

Anna loves being watched 

I love guys watching her, knowing they could watch but not touch… that was then, and this is now… I get a thrill out of them paying to have sex with my wife 

‘”When a guy goes to a hooker, he’s not paying her for sex, he’s paying her to leave.” ~ Anon

Anna’s 1st booking was a duo, with a well established Dutch escort friend

we had met Johannake at a sex club in Amsterdam a year before, she was with a very smart older gent, we thought they were together, a couple, they seemed so comfortable and relaxed in each other’s company 

They were together as a client & an escort 

and after chatting naked in the jacuzzi we found this out … not wanting to intrude on his time we agreed to meet the next day, we did meet and so a year on Anna and johannake met a regular client, for a threesome, all the arrangements and ‘paperwork’ (that’s the payment) had been made earlier … a drink in the bar then to his hotel room 

this next part is written by Anna 

‘I should have been nervous, terrified even but strangely excited to be shortly having sex with a stranger 

Johannake took the lead, they chatted like old friends, they were, 

we discussed the City, favourite places and soon it was time to go … i finished my wine in one gulp, Dutch courage you may say then we headed for the lift 

I had been given a little idea of how it would play out, the client went in the bathroom, we undressed to our lingerie and sat on the edge of the bed 

… heels, seamed nylons, garter belt, bra & panties, a little men’s aftershave and nude lipstick

he came in, wearing a towel and sat between us, he placed his hands on our knees, I could feel the heat on my thigh and then he kissed me, surprisingly a hot passionate fresh kiss, his hand moved to my big tits 

we moved onto the bed and continued taking it in turns, I followed Johannakes lead when he was kissing her, I stroked and touched him, lightly with my finger tips tracing from his ankle to between his legs, at some point his towel disappeared and I gently squeezed and scraped his now hard cock 

we seemed to synchronise without words just hands and body parts … with an almost seamless movement an condom was expertly slipped on him and with Johannake sitting on top of him I straddled his face, this I found out later to be his favourite position 

we swopped places and with my legs astride I fucked him 

he made a lot of noise, good job his face was covered by pussy 

…and later we sat, with that after sex contentment smile, on the sofa sipping bubbly 

we dressed and left, 

my brain whizzing, body buzzing and I knew then and there this wouldn’t be a one off  

It’s me again, the husband 

I met Anna in our favourite bar just off the Damrak … I saw her walk across the room, could other men sense or smell that after sex look or maybe it was the heels, the seams and the tight fitting velvet dress with cleavage that made them look, she had a smile, I had seen many times and I would see many times again

You see  …. 

we both love sex and we both love money 

and that combination works for us 

Until the next time ; 

No difference with making a living with what’s between your ears and making one with what’s between your legs 

Denis Vickers 

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