I maybe blonde but …. always make friends with the barman

As you may know from the blowjob cocktail incident I am quite partial to a little drink now and again – not a great one for indulging at home as too tempting with the how big or small you should pour out and little glass of vino could very easily all become too messy lol

So sat a bar at the end of a very busy day … well when I say busy day … sunbathing, swimming and the great decision we find on holidays of what to eat – started to discuss the merits of surfing with the barman (whist awaiting for the husband to emerge out of the bathroom, and they say ladies take their time ) my knowledge of surfing can be written on the back of a stamp not like naughty sexy fun and what to do with cupcakes lol – another blog coming soon – see the pics whilst waiting for that one lol

So the barman said
‘What can I get you whilst you’re waiting?’
‘Small Gin and tonic, lemon but no ice and Hendricks if you have it, please’

Barman leant over and with the most delectable Irish accent slowly said
‘Madam, we don’t do small or large we only do ‘when’!

Excellent idea, I thought – did restrain myself and went with the polite and acceptable level of gin in the glass, as didn’t want to make a fool of myself, just yet and slide off the barstool – that’s for another blog lol

Until the next time……

“It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is I can’t remember if it’s the thirteenth or the fourteenth.”
~ George Burns

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