I maybe blonde but tortoise walking is a step to far

there are things that happen that sometimes leave you speechless, and that for me, says my husband is as unusual as this incident lol

Let me set the scene … 

strolling through Torquay on a recent nostalgic holiday with my best friend  we were just about to cross the read heading towards what looked like a locals cafe with home made tasty nibbles, just as reached the pavement a couple waiting to cross acknowledged us, we responded with Hi, and now with hindsight wished we had not ! 

they said 

“would you like to see what we have in our pram ? 

“it’s rather unusual “ 

she added 

“It’s a pet tortoise” ! 

I could feel my mouth about to work before my brain, the first question came out was .. 

you know when you realise you could regret asking this !

“why are you taking your pet tortoise for a walk, well a push”

apparently the sun is good for there shells ? 

this is not as unusual as you think to take your pet tortoise out … 

recently I read an article where a tortoise obsessed bride and groom had there ‘102’ year old tortoise be part of there celebrations 

it’s a good job we are all different as life would be very boring 

well there you go … sunlight is good for every one 

Until the next time 

If you want to feel the sunshine, change position!

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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