I maybe blonde but does size matter

Even though the old adage of size doesn’t matter …. it certainly does

if you are my age, you may feel more comfortable with feet/inches or pints/fluid ounces 

… I try to visualise litres or square metres … but just doesn’t seem to work for me 

We seem to switch between measurements still in certain subjects and the most bizarre one we still use inches is for a mans body part ! 

According to the NHS site the average is 5-7inches 

(in centimetres 13-18 centimetres)

so why don’t men use centimetres especially as its larger number … and we know what they are like when trying to describe size … especially when caught a fish … it’s always bigger ? 

following up on a recent poll on twitter showed out of 212 votes 81% voted that they measure in inches !

whether it’s inches, centimetres, horses hands … size doesn’t matter .. it’s what we do that’s important 

Until the next time 

don’t measure your success on someone else’s tape measures 

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