I maybe blonde but people watching is an art

when you do this job it makes you look at people in the street very differently

just look around you now, who do you see ?

opposite me is a mature gent on his own, having the soup of the day, in between coffee sips making notes in a small book, could be his shopping list or which girl to call later for a naughty camshow or chat … we just don’t know ?

and what fantasies would he have ? maybe a lover of nylons or satin !

To my left is a couple of ladies, one mature and one younger, mother/daughter or work colleagues, do they discuss sex ? been lingerie shopping together ? 

bizarrely, women appear to be more disgusted and stand offish when they find out what I do … but then with some it turns to the caring side and the ‘I know somewhere you can go to stop being pimped out 

and when you say it’s a business, I am an independent escort, pay taxes, have private healthcare …   

They then look even more stunned and say something like .. 

Oh you choose to do this ? we didn’t realise !

the only thing I have realised with people watching is that they are probably watching you and wondering who you are, what you do ?

it’s a good job they can’t mind read 

as my brain is for ever on the go … with nice and naughty thoughts 

Until the next time 

always wear a smile as you never know who is watching 

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