I maybe blonde but still a half glass full girl !

I have recently experience two things I have not ever previously done ! And that in 53 years in this day and age has to be amazing  !

3 weeks ago I fainted whilst walking along a busy street and was whisked by ambulance to my local hospital.

Within 3 hours I had been assessed, blood samples taken, X-ray on severely twisted ankle and results given – all normal ! What ever normal is lol

I have to given credit where it’s due to the paramedics and A&E staff, the process was very smooth, every where look clean and plenty of staff

…. plus two cups of teas and a sandwich 🥪

Like you, I’ve seen the media hype on how poor the care/lack of staff in UK hospitals/A&E but my experience completely contradicted this and was just as good as any private medical care

Maybe when attending places we read negative views, we should go with open minds and positive thoughts, if you think negative then your experiences will be

Always been said I am a glass half full girl 🍷

Until the next time

Minds are like parachutes they only

Function when open

Thomas Dwyer