I maybe blonde but it’s not all about the swing, or is it ?

A bizarre sex fact …. 

43% of golfers would trade sex for the perfect swing ! (source :national survey by Lexus )

What the survey doesn’t say is who was asked the question nor their ages ? Men or women or a combination

On one hand I would say there are many men out there who are obsessed with golf and getting their swing perfect is very high on the list … but then they are hitting tiny balls a around with a stick over perfectly manicured grass, hmmm

As for lady golfers, firstly I don’t know any but I do know a little about mature women, and when asked my similar age friends to choose between sex or sport, nearly all would opt for sport, then a glass of wine … I, on the other hand would opt for sex then a glass of bubbly

Until the next time

Did you know you can’t say happiness without saying  penis !