I maybe blonde but is there a new C word !

I almost got to screaming point a few weeks when yet agin, 3 times on the same day, with 3 different companies all used the same reasoning why … something couldn’t be processed, be refunded or could not be set up … and that word is ‘covid’

I completely understand the enormity of this virus, I understand the devastation and I understand the loss but what I don’t understand is … 

If the majority of the service industry are working from home why can’t my bank answer the phone in under an hour or my bank have more than 1 person on the till only working 4 hours a day ? 

As you know I am now in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 like all the world they have been affected by covid but it doesn’t seem to have impacted on customer service 

Within 1 week I have completed paperwork and received the BSN number you need to live and be here, opened a bank account and got account info and card within a few days, sorted utilities, signed up for a travel card and broadband will be installed within a week !

After 2 months still awaiting to open a personal account in the UK to work along side my business account and awaiting on a refund from TV licence … think could be waiting for a blue moon or amazingly even Brexit will have happened lol 

Not saying everything is going to better, they love form filling, using so many more letters in words than needed, and drive on the wrong side but if overall it’s better weather, positive people and happy place to live … then that’s good enough for me 

Until the next time 

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone