I maybe blonde but could I live off grid ?

In today’s world there is very little of this, we are forced to, the powers that be would say more cajoled in a sort of way to tick cookies, fill in personal info for databases, provide ID at every turn and be recorded on CCTV !

I think it would be almost impossible to be off grid 

A basic phone

No passport

Pay cash for a bills

Be self sufficient 

Live in a tent 

The internet 

Well I would fall at the first hurdle and so would many of us … we are all addicted to our phones, in theory they don’t make us fat ! Well it depends if you know how to order a deliveroo takeaway ! Eek 

I love travel … it means I meet up with my husband and get to see amazing places 

On to paying cash ! 

Well almost impossible these days … and more so during this pandemic, you have think is it all a ploy to get us staying in one country, less movement and eventually to phase out cash in certain countries!

Awww the self sufficiency dream, like The good life

Seems a lot of hard work, stamina, effort and your completely at the mercy of the weather plus not a country girl 

let’s just skip the camping .. it’s never going to happen 

And last but not the least, the final one, the internet – its not even up for discussion, I need it.

I personally find it’s easier to be invisible in a big busy City, with so many shops, bars, cafes, markets, apartments, homes, gardens, rivers and canals 

Until the next time … 

This next quote is from 

A secret diary of a call girl – Belle de Jour

(Billie Piper as Belle, who says … )

‘…..I love London, I love its rudeness, it’s lack of community, it’s impatience and even love its weather, but most of all, I love it’s anonymity’