I maybe blonde but … there is nothing permanent except change

Watching Billy Connolly talk about ‘change’ 

He has recently stepped down from live comedy shows, his sense of humour is still as sharp and watching the Wildebeast sketch and

the incontinence knickers one made me laugh so much… but I digress, change is paramount to life, from a rebranding of a favourite store cupboard staple to moving countries to live,

change is necessary 

Change happens everyday and sometimes we are hesitant to embrace it, especially if it appears to place us out of our comfort zone 

A newly packaged shower gel, tea bags and most annoying is make up, you just get the perfect foundation or lipstick and they not only change packaging but discontinue the perfect lipstick colour you have been using for years  grrrrrr 

I have travel a lot, lived and worked in many countries and our current Netherlands base is number 28 home ! 

This move was different to the rest, it was our choice, you don’t get any choice when the forces relocate you, you get to know when and where !

And the well know phrase ‘change is a good as a rest ! As the quote says … if you do the same things everyday your going to get the same results 

Until the next time 

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.

Maya Angelou