I maybe blonde but it’s all double Dutch to me

After one year in The Netherlands 🇳🇱

What’s good, bad or neither ?

A personal insight to this wonderfully flat country from a travelling digital nomad 

Top things that I love ❤️ 


On average it’s warmer 👍

Around 5-10c hotter than The UK 

Being based in the south of the country, sandwiched between Germany and Belgium seems to give a little extra warmth and easy access to two beautiful countries 


For a foodie, there is a huge selection of worldwide cuisine, Indonesian being very popular, everyone has there own Sate recipe 

Plus the fruit/veg stalls have a huge selection of local produce to Far Eastern delicacies 


Public transport is top, usually 99.9% reliable with clean carriages, toilets and helpful friendly staff 


Everybody is very friendly, 

The beginning in the middle and end of conversations, requests at bars or in a supermarket they add, please/thank you, you’re welcome and they all speak very good English 


Plug sockets ! it’s a weird one I know but as they are two pin they can go either way in the socket


And finally … 

Europe is a great location for travel ( usually that is)

With the speedy ICE train, Eurostar and flights to almost every where … with everything crossed for more adventures in the coming year 

And on the downside, surprisingly not many …


The kitchen !

More specifically, the oven or rather lack of, 

They love microwaves, combination ones so you cook and grill, most are the size of a small microwave so who knows how they cook for many ?

My biggest feat was creating Christmas Day roast dinner with an oven the size of a shoe box ! 


Mint sauce !

I love mint sauce 🙂

I tried to explain what it was and the consistency 

Luckily I ordered a couple of jars from British food store in line 


And lastly …..

Being able to buy bras, I am a 34h and lovely colourful lingerie and it’s simply not a Dutch think big boobs !

However at least there is the internet  🙂 

Until the next time 

If you think travel is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal !