I maybe blonde but …. i l love big vegetables

A funny thing happened at the market today … 

I have to say Dutch markets are amazing, an abundance of brightly coloured vegetables and fruit, locally grown and from further afield 

Many Far Eastern, Indonesian foods, it’s such a big part of Dutch life 

…. But the vegetable in question was a red cabbage, such a versatile little number, pickled, cooked with apple or shredded in salads 

The best stall is one called Bananaboxer, they are in my city twice a week come rain, shine and nearly all through lockdown 

The team who run it are so friendly and helpful, and i think I may have taught them a thing or two about English pronunciation lol

So there I was wandering around and saw this huge red cabbage, not ideally viable as would unfortunately waste to much and asked if they would cut it in half … I have seen them do this with huge pumpkins/squash etc 

Alas not meant to be, the boss said no 🙁 

‘Oh’ I said, ‘it’s not often I would say this’

But …. ‘It’s too big for me ! ‘ 

It was out my mouth before I realised and then winked at the guy and he just fell about laughing 

Until the next time 

Of course size matters, who wants a small glass of wine 🍷