I maybe blonde but sex work is work

Why is adult industry not taken as a serious business ? 

For 18 years I have been involved in the adult industry, now a days all online but for 15 years I was an escort, gentleman paid for my time 

When I first began meets I did a lot of research about the whole business, safety, security and legalities 

The CPS (Crown prosecution service) state escorting for payment between two consenting adults is legal

There are of course, a couple of areas that are illegal, running a brothel and soliciting on the street

My next port of call was the Inland revenue, collector of taxes to clarify the tax liability on escorting 

It was a very straightforward answer, yes it’s taxed 

So, I am sure you can guess the next question ? 

If as the government say, if it’s legal and taxable then why is it so difficult to deal with institutions

Let me give you some examples  

UK banks – I opened a business account with a well known high street bank, all went well for a few years but then out of the blue I got a letter asking me to prove my income as there appeared to be anomalies on my account 

Over a phone conversation they wanted to know what the many regular payments in of £50/£100 showing weekly – these were deposits for meets, but couldn’t tell them so gave them reasons why, all seemed fine but a week later another letter advising under the money laundering laws my bank account would be closed within two months , the letter went on to say without further proof from me they ‘assume’ I am doing something illegal !

Banks are not the only institution to have this view, renting a property can also be thwart with difficulties 

Over the years I have been asked to leave two apartments, 

Even though I specifically said I was running an online business

Did you know in the UK, on your AST, rental lease is a morality clause ? Although your morals and mine may be very different

And here’s a bizarre fact … 

The Inland revenue don’t allow you to have a limited company as a sex worker !

Apparently a Limited company is ‘a body in it’s self’ and thus can’t profit from sex work !

So I was left with no choice to give my business a ‘front’ so to speak, and that is how my YouTube channel came to be 

So, to all establishments, 

I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I do, that’s your choice, but as long as the UK government accept it’s a business, a fully bona fida business, registered with the Inland revenue and tax is paid shouldn’t all institutions accept this too ? You can’t have it all … 

Finally did you know the adult industry contribution to the UK government ‘pot’ in 2015 was 5.9 billion pounds 

Until the next time …

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money costs less”