I maybe blonde but …. But everyone loves good vibrations !

A Valentines story from yesteryear  … 

Many years ago, me and the husband went out for dinner, all dressed up, he was wear dark grey high waisted suit trousers, crisp shirt and blazer, me … a I was in a black full skirted retro dress with plunging neckline, stockings and heels … for a bit of fun and because we liked a little spice now and again we decided to try a new toy called a love egg with a remote control … so let me explain this is inserted in side me ! He has a remote control that starts it buzzing and can lower or higher the vibrations

If you are shy best to stop reading now :)) 

First we had drinks, discussing the menu and the toy came to life with a little low vibrate and was very pleasant … my cocktail arrived and wrapped my lips around the straw, sucked and at the moment the buzz ramped up and I nearly chocked, started to cough as the alcohol went down the wrong way but eventually I pulled my self together, jiggled in my seat, composing myself and then my body got to use the feeling fizzing away between my legs 

During the main course the vibrations suddenly stopped and I looked up to see him smiling … be careful what you wish for, he said and we laughed

I am not really a dessert person but when anything with lemon comes up then it’s usually a winner and it certainly was as I love a lemon curd soufflé, ordered a JD & coke, sat back and relaxed 

Oh my if I only knew what was to come … !

Just then the buzzing restarted and ramped up to a high level without warning ! I jiggled in my seat and tried to concentrate on the drink and thoughts of lemon soufflé only to feel the vibrations increase hugely … 

I looked up with huge eyes and mouthed lower it please, he smiled and sat there … the intensity was becoming distracting and I was sure you could hear the buzz … so I said again, in a low but quite urgent voice, turn it down, he fumbled in his pocket and I could see him pressing vigorously but alas to no avail … the controllers button functions had stopped working 

With only one decision left I rose to my feet and became the long jiggle to the bathroom, heels are tricky to walk in on marble floor at the best of times, combined with couple of drinks .. I felt like Bambi on ice lol 

Eventually made to the ladies and fled into a cubicle, pulled up my dress so quick and grabbed the cord pulling out the toy, and gave out the loudest moan of relief just as someone entered the bathroom ! No idea what she thought but I didn’t care :)) after a little tidy up, washed hands and applied lipstick 

Walked back to the table with a lot more elegance and continued with dinner and a much more relaxed evening … all my husband did was laugh all evening … the toy went in the bin 

Until the next time 

Stressed is dessert spelled backwards