I maybe blonde but sometimes the best things come in small packages 

It was a surprisingly sunny December morning, 

I descended the three flights of stairs to my outdoor post box, retrieved a couple of letters and saw a rather squashed parcel with many stickers on and a slightly torn plastic envelope

Upon opening the parcel I saw it was a beautiful latte coloured bra from a company in the UK, 

I read the accompanying note and thought how lovely of them to send me another bra for collaboration on my youtube 

A while later, during breakfast it occurred to me the bra company had not previously mailed as they usually did when sending out, so I messaged them on instagram 

The owner replied as per usual pretty swift response and says no, they hadn’t sent anything 

As I was putting the envelope in the shredding bin, I noticed it had a June post work of the same year and a custom fee of €8.45 

Oh wait, I recall that figure .. Quickly grabbed my ledgers for the business, hurrying quickly to June payments I saw €8.45 to NL customs for a parcel I never received and then recalled a conversation with the bra company back in June for the same bra 

It had taken 6 months to arrive after I paid customs, obviously I assumed it had got lost in the post and the company said they had claimed the bra cost back from the post office 

So I was very pleased to contact Knickerlocker and say guess what ? After 6 months your bra you sent me turned up and I will use it for the first episode of the new series of The Big Cup bras in the new year 

I did contact PostNL and received back my initial customs fee plus as a gesture of good will a €15 euro post office credit 🙂

So there you go, the moral of the story sometimes things do appear when you least expect