I maybe blonde but none of us are perfect !

In a few months I will have lived in the Netherlands three years and here’s a few facts, good and not so good I have learnt about Holland

The first great benefit is almost everyone speaks very good English therefore not making it easy to learn Dutch … which in itself is, even as the Dutch say, it’s one of the hardest languages to learn.

With a lot of guttural throat sounds it could be interpreted as Mongolian thrusting singing … and that I have experienced ! 

They plan ahead for get togethers of the like I have not experienced, now I am a planner and forward thinker but just the other day a friend and I were trying to agree a time to meet for drinks and bites (nibbles) we agreed 3 weeks on Thursday !

Now what I have come to learn is by hell or high water they will be there at the place and time agreed … but as I said it’s impossible to plan that far ahead when self employed and will pencil in and confirm a few days prior 

Trainers/sneakers are a national foot wear for almost every occasion, even if wearing a beautiful dress, I resisted temptation for almost two years but now fancy trainers, with a sparkle are my staple go to footwear … the main reason being you do a lot of walking and the pavements are somewhat bumpy and uneven 

They are very forward speaking, to almost the point of being very blunt, I am not saying I am not but as English, we tend to flower it up in the hope of not upsetting anyone at all 

Finally, and probably the Dutch are extremely polite and helpful, with many pleases, thank you, well wishes for different parts of the day .. Leaving a store can take a while lol 

How refreshing though, takes you back to an era in England where everyone was friendly:) 

Until the next time 

Everyone smiles in the same language. – George Carlin